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Ki Undo
The psycho-physical movement theory based on Eastern knowledge.
Every person has a life path, a unique road that he must walk upon. It is subjected to the
influences of light and darkness, joy and sorrow.
Due to experiences of an interpersonal or social nature, we sometimes lose sight of our path.
When that happens we need to find our way back to our path. Questions need to be answered:
what is my body saying? how do I respond to this? what are the symptoms? what is the cause?
In a nurturing environment there is space for this self-enquiry. In a world full of competition and
struggle, there is little room to heal, to find your path and live a full life. Instead, we’ll be
confronted with the consequences of (temporarily) not being able to participate.
Ki Undo supports our capacity for self-healing by offering us physical guidance through breath
exercises and soft movements that help us understand our unique body language and how to use
this in a way that is truly healing; we need to be able to enter into a conversation with our body,
so that we mayn understand the emotional language between the words, on a meditative level.
Once you’re regaining your inner strength we step outside where we face the daily challenges
together. These challenges are connected to our living conditions: money, work, social life, etc.
If necessary, we do this in collaboration with other professionals.
Ki Undo offers you a broad way of support in your ability to live your life to the fullest of your
For information about personalized guidance, please contact:
John Reinhard

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